Stefon Diggs Reportedly Had Two Different Women In Two Different Hotel Rooms On Valentine’s Day

Stefon Diggs did the unthinkable on Valentine’s Day.

According to WagsUnfiltered, the Buffalo Bills wide receiver juggled two different girls on in two different hotel rooms on Valentine’s Day and managed to get away with it:

The Plastics are in a FRENZY in my DMs okay. So apparently #Lashontae and #StefonDiggs are not together anymore but still deal with each other but from Taes latest post it looks, he might’ve put her and #AleshaRene in the same hotel.  I’m just lost!

Then the Girlies are saying he’s been seeing #Allthatmojo and was also boo’d up with YouTuber #Brixana in Atlanta shortly after being with #MadGalKris. I think it’s safe to say he’s single and mingling? Or maybe the girls are Eskimo sisters I don’t know…

The Instagram account posted photos and videos of the two females sharing hotel rooms filled with flowers, both of whom are saying they are from Diggs.

Here are some of the photos:


Good for you, Diggs.