Business Claims Jackson Mahomes Scammed Them Out Of Sending Him Care Package

Jackson Mahomes seems to be allergic to not pissing people off.

The brother to star Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is reportedly attempting to ruin his image even further after allegedly scamming a company to have them send him a care package.

Rare Munchiez, an online supplier of rare snacks and drinks got in contact with Jackson through messages on Instagram and agreed to send him a care package in return for a shoutout.

After some time, the company reached back out asking him to confirm if he received it or not. Mahomes then went radio silence despite multiple follow up messages.


@jacksonmahomes you didn’t have to lie to us 😔 #raremunchiez #mahomes #scammed #viral #storytime #fyp

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After posting the situation on TikTok, Jackson commented saying “I never received anything from these guys.”

If that’s the case, responding the the company after they straight up asked if he had received it likely would have helped…