REPORT: Urban Meyer Was Unfamiliar With Star NFL Players, Didn’t Know Who Aaron Donald Or Deebo Samuel Were

As if the Urban Meyer saga couldn’t get anymore bizarre, we have this.

Urban Meyer was brought to Jacksonville in conjunction with them having to top-overall pick in a move that the team hoped would springboard them back into relevancy and follow with decades of dominance. Instead, the Jaguars got one of the, if not the, most embarrassing coaching tenures in NFL history with a QB who was the talk of interceptions, not brilliance.

Meyer’s time with the Jaguars left us with bizarre stories of him kicking players and receiving lap dances form woman who weren’t his wife, but now we have a report most head scratching, claiming Meyer was so uninformed with NFL football, that he wasn’t aware of the league’s biggest stars.

The Athletic released a story Monday detailing numerous occasions where Meyer was trying to figure out who the best players on opposing teams were, in once instance stating “Who’s this 99 guy on the Rams? I’m hearing he might be a problem for us.”