REPORT: Deshaun Watson May Avoid Suspension In 2022 After Lawyers Agree To Not Have Trials This Year

Deshaun Watson may not be suspended in 2022 after all.

According to Adam Ferrise of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the lawyers handling the case have agreed to push the trials until after the 2022 NFL season. Per the report, no trials will be scheduled between August 1, 2022 and March 1, 2023.

This likely means that Watson won’t be facing any suspension during the 2022 NFL season. There is still the possibility that some or all of the cases could be settled outside of court.

That isn’t to say that Watson won’t see the inside of a courtroom before August 1. Plaintiff attorney Tony Buzbee told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he is eyeing a trial date in July.


But this deal will apparently ensure that any trial doesn’t extend into the 2022 NFL season.