Heartbreaking Dwayne Haskins 911 Call Released, Confirms He Was Struck Walking Across Highway For Gas

Dwayne Haskins was tragically killed less two weeks ago in an incident that reminds everyone that even the seemingly invincible are as mortal as the rest of us.

The NFL QB was in Ft Lauderdale, FL where he resides in the offseason, and in the wee hours of the morning his car allegedly car ran out of gas on the always busy I-95 highway. Haskins was struck and killed by a dump truck.

The 911 call, which confirms the story that Haskins exited his car and was running across the highway to retrieve gas, is nothing short of heartbreaking. Haskins wife can be heard calling into the operators asking if they can check on her husband, with the woman on the other end stating the incident they had called in could be Dwayne, which of course it was.