NFL Got Pissed At Lions For How Quickly They Turned In Draft Card Selecting Aiden Hutchinson

The Lions can’t even get selecting a draft pick correct.

The Jacksonville Jaguars swerved past the Lions late last season to overtake Detroit for the number one pick, but Jacksonville did what Jacksonville does and drafted the raw athletic talent rather than the established star, and the pick the Lions likely would have taken with the No. 1 overall pick fell right into their lap.

After Georgia’s Travon Walker’s name was called as the top pick, the Lions quickly turned in their card for the Michigan standout, and did so so quickly that the NFL was mad at the organization.

As most of us know, the NFL Draft is a made-for-television production as much as it is an actual draft, and with the Lions not waiting until the majority of their 10-minute grace period was up, the pick being “in” threw off the timing of the entire draft


According to, NFL writer Peter King explained, “After the Jaguars picked Travon Walker number one, the Lions told the league the pick was in, and it was Hutchinson — within a minute of the Walker pick. “We turned the card in so fast the league got mad at us,” said one Lions official.

“I’m not quite sure what happened, but they did end up taking Travon. Congrats to him. That’s freaking awesome,” he said. “First thought, I was just praying the Lions were going to take me. It’s a little bit scary when you get in that green room and the Lions are on the clock and you’re just sitting there like, ‘Dear God, please pick me.’ That was kind of what was running through my head.”