DeAndre Hopkins Six Game Suspension For PEDs Will Cost Him A lot Of Money

Former Houston Texans and current Arizona Cardinals star receiver DeAndre Hopkins has been suspended for six games to begin the 2022 season for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. That is the news that still has people reeling.

What you do not know is how much money he will be losing.

Hopkins will not appeal the decision, thus leaving him suspended without pay to begin the year. The suspension will expose Hopkins to the loss of six-game checks.

Yahoo breaks it down:


“At a base rate of $6.65 million, he’ll lose 6/18ths of his salary for the season. That’s $2.21 million.

He’s also subject to a 6/18th forfeiture of his 2022 signing-bonus allocation of $5.5 million. That’s $1.83 million. And the conversion of a $10.65 million roster bonus due in March 2022 to a guaranteed payment means that he’ll lose 6/18ths of the 2022 allocation. That’s another $1.183 million.

(Hopkins also has a $2.25 million option-bonus allocation. However, because that money wasn’t paid this year, it’s not subject to forfeiture.)

That’s a total loss of $5.223 million.”


The suspension also voids his guaranteed salary for 2022, allowing the Cardinals to cut him with no further financial obligation. That won’t happen.

The 29-year-old was limited to 10 games last year and suffered a season-ending knee injury. He would miss their NFC Wild Card round loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

Hopkins also posted career lows in catches (42) and receiving yards (525). He did, however, have eight touchdown receptions, the third-highest of his career since entering the league in 2013.