REPORT: There’s “Bad Blood” Between Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger Over Retirement

Ben Roethlisberger had a fairy tale-like ending to his career where the Steelers making a late run to the playoffs but apparently that might not have been the exact sendoff Big Ben wanted.

Post-Gazette Steelers writer Gerry Dulac was asked in his Steelers mailbag if there is “bad blood” between the organization and Roethlisberger, if he wanted to retire and if the situation was similar to the one when Troy Polamalu retired.

Dulac responded, “I would say it’s very very safe to assume that.”

Polamalu said he was forced to retire essentially but has since come to peace with the move, being inducted into the Hall of Fame last year.


Talking recently, Roethlisberger said that both General Manager Kevin Colbert and Head Coach Mike Tomlin didn’t want him back.

Roethlisberger can be sarcastic at times in interview but is also known not to hold back.

Roethlisberger officially retired at the end of January after 18 seasons as the Steelers starting quarterback.

While Roethlisberger has a 165-81-1 record, a franchise record for a quarterback and his .670 winning percentage is the sixth-highest in NFL History, his level of play visibly deteriorated in 2021.

His mobility was limited and his deep throw accuracy was all but gone.

There have also been reports that Tomlin and Colbert expected Roethlisberger to retire at the end of the 2020 season, but of course he game back for a reduced rate last season.

While we may never know the true story, it does appear it wasn’t the exact ending that Roethlisberger wanted.