49ers’ Arik Armstead Exposes Reporter For Trying To Provoke Players Into Hitting Him So ‘He Can Retire’

San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw is the talk of social media this week after he launched a profanity-laced tirade at reporter Grant Cohn on Tuesday night after an interaction at practice earlier in the day.

Cohn, who writes for Sports Illustrated’s All 49ers blog, detailed a confrontation during the OTA session where the Niners player allegedly knocked the hat off his head:

After the altercation, Kinlaw jumped on a video call with Cohn and went off on an expletive-filled response that included telling Cohn to “stop f–king playing with me.”

While the video seemingly made Kinlaw look bad, the tide would change drastically when 49ers defensive end Arik Armstead took to Twitter and exposed Cohn for having an ulterior motive.


He attached a video that showed him stating he was hoping that he got hit so he would be able to retire as a multi-millionaire, alluding that he would sue.

“This is the type of low life we let into our building. He would rather antagonize and provoke players into hitting him so he can retire instead of doing his “job“ of journalism.”

Kinlaw enjoyed a solid rookie season, tallying 33 total tackles, four passes defended and 1.5 sacks, but saw his role reduced early last year before landing on injured reserve in October with a knee injury.