Deebo Samuel Can Actually Make Nearly $2 Million More If The 49ers Continue Using Him At Running Back

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel has been wanting a new contract since the end of last season. Over the weekend he got his wish as he signed a three-year extension worth $71.55 million with $58.1 million guaranteed.

The 49ers used Samuel last year as a wide receiver/running back hybrid. He had 77 catches to go along with 59 rushing attempts in the regular season. In the new contract, there are bonuses if he were to reach certain rushing milestones, which could equal up to nearly $2 million extra.

One of the main reasons Samuel was looking for a new deal is with all of these extra rushing attempts, he was taking much more hits — which equals a lot of wear and tear on the body. 

Deebo finally got paid, and he definitely earned it after the season he had in 2021.


Samuel is one of the most versatile and athletic players in the NFL. Last season he became the first player ever to record at least 1,400 receiving yards to go along with at least 300 rushing yards in a season. His eight rushing touchdowns was also an NFL record for a wide receiver.