Photographer Captures Damning Shot Of Aaron Donald Swinging Two Bengals’ Helmet During Brawl

Aaron Donald should be in a ton of trouble for his actions on Thursday, but it is unlikely to happen.

The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals became the latest teams to throw down at a joint practice Thursday, and things got pretty intense after a fight broke out.

Aaron Donald made the situation dangerous by swinging a helmet, but one photo shows he actually armed himself with two helmets.

It’s unclear whose helmets Donald was holding but it’s certainly not a good look that he swung one of them at Bengals players.


At one point during the fight, Donald was thrown to the ground as the fight was broken up.

The Rams and Bengals just played in Super Bowl LVI, with L.A. winning in dramatic fashion late in the fourth quarter. Tempers were going to be high between these teams this week.

However, Donald just took it to another level.