BREAKING: 49ers Re-Sign QB Jimmy Garoppolo To 1-Year Deal

The San Francisco 49ers seem to be trying to follow the model of the Kansas City Chiefs, in drafting an uber-talented young QB despite having a perfectly serviceable QB in attempt to try to push an otherwise strong team over the top.

The Chiefs were consistently above average with Alex Smith and took heavy criticism when they traded away a sure-fire place in the playoffs to go with unproven Patrick Mahomes. We all know how that paid off.

Now, with a string of good seasons and even a Super Bowl appearance with all the pieces on the roster, the 49ers look to do the same with Trey Lance. After shopping Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason, it appears as there were no takers at this point in time and San Fran has re-signed Garoppolo on a one-year deal.

The 49ers have no named a starter under center for the upcoming season but all signs point to Lance, and while having now the best backup quarterback in the league is a nice luxury, it remains to be seen in the added pressure of having Jimmy G on the sideline in a win-now situation that is the window the 49ers are in will get to the young QB.