Fan Tackled After Running Onto Field During MNF Taking Legal Action Against Bobby Wagner

MNF’s game between the Rams and 49ers was interrupted when an animal rights activist ran onto the field with a pink smoke bomb, causing a delay in the game until Bobby Wagner decided enough was enough.

The tackling specialist reverted to what he does bets and helped security out laying a shoulder into the man.

Now, that man has filed a police report with the Santa Clara Police Department citing ‘blatant assault’ from the Rams linebacker along with defensive end Takkarist McKinley.

Wagner has not been arrested or charged with a crime, and he stated that he took the activist down with safety reasons in mind.


“That’s just keeping it safe. You don’t know what that fan got or what they’re doing. You see it all the time, and we don’t know what they’re carrying in their pockets. It’s whatever that little smoke stuff is, but that s–t could be dangerous,” Wagner said when asked about it postgame.

“One of the guys on the other side, it looked like he got hurt, and security looked like he was struggling, so I was frustrated, so I took it out on him.”

A member of stadium security hurt his knee running after the man.

(h/t Bleacher Report)