Ron Rivera Goes Off On Reporter Asking About Dan Snyder Forcing Carson Wentz Trade, Storms Out Of Press Conference

Ron Rivera couldn’t enjoy the team’s win over the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football after another damning report was released involving the team’s owner Daniel Snyder.

Among the things that were reported was that it was Snyder, not Rivera, who pushed for the Carson Wentz trade, insinuating that Rivera didn’t want Wentz as his quarterback.

Well following the game, Rivera was asked about the report and let’s just say he was f–king pissed:

Earlier in the week, Rivera had his words misconstrued when he was asked about the difference between his team and the other NFC East teams who are having success this season.


Rivera pointed to the quarterback position as the difference but didn’t mean it as a swipe to Wentz rather than the other NFC East teams having stability with their quarterback while this is just Wentz’s first year in Washington.

The Commanders defeated the Bears, 12-7 and will host the Green Bay Packers in Week 7.