Bears’ Justin Jones Suggests The Patriots Are Still Cheating To Win Games Ahead Of MNF Game

The “DeflateGate” scandal that overshadowed the New England Patriots run to Super Bowl XLIX and eventually led to the four-game suspension of Tom Brady has essentially become a thing of the past except for one Chicago Bears’ player.

Ahead of the Week 7 Monday Night Football game against the Patriots, Bears defensive lineman Justin Jones brought up ‘DeflateGate’ while speaking to the media, suggesting that Patriots are still cheating by under inflating their footballs:

“I heard it’s still goin’ on, so I’m gonna check the (balls) before we go,” Jones said. “I’m so serious, I heard it’s still goin’ on, so we’re gonna see. … I’m for sure checkin’, we play this game with honesty, man.”

Now, there has been zero evidence that the Patriots (or any team) are under inflating footballs so it’s hard to take what Jones is saying seriously.


One thing is for certain is that the Patriots will use Jones’ comments as bulletin-board material ahead of the MNF Game.