Antonio Brown Explains Why He’s Been Trolling Tom Brady Over Divorce From Gisele Bündchen

If there was one guy that stood up for Antonio Brown and vouched for him when no one else would, it was Tom Brady.

That’s why people are perplexed to see the former NFL wide receiver constantly take shots at Brady, even going as far as trolling him over his marital issues.

Appearing on the Patrick David Bet podcast, Brown addressed the situation and let’s say, Antonio Brown has lost his godforsaken mind and makes absolutely zero sense:

“People go through a divorce everyday. What about me? What about when I’m in the news and people say I’m crazy? I’ts just a picture from the Super Bowl. His divorce is his personal life, I ain’t got nothing to do with that bro. A lot of the things I’ve said tonight you guys are never going to understand. How am I going to make you understand if I’m telling you what I think and you can sort out what I think? Just so you can marginalize what’s respect and what’s not?”


Brown who’s selling a shirt that has a photo of Brady’s ex-wife hugging him during the Super Bowl on his website downplayed how disgusting of an act that is.

Antonio Brown remains a free agent and probably won’t ever play for an NFL team again.