Virginia Tech LB Suspended For Betting On NBA Games That Won Just $41

Virginia Tech linebacker Alan Tisdale was suspended for the first half of the 2022 season for betting on sports, according to The Athletic’s Andy bitter.

Tisdale placed bets on the 2022 NBA Finals. He initially won just $41.00, but donated the earnings to charity after learning its a violation. Tisdale and the Hokies self-reported the violating to the NCAA, and he was ultimately handed a six-game suspension:

Virginia Tech coach Brent Pry was frustrated with the punishment, especially given Tisdale’s transparency in the matter.

“We try and do things right,” Pry told The Athletic. “And even though the kid was wrong, he didn’t know he was wrong. And as soon as he realized he might be, he came forward. And I just don’t think there was enough consideration given for how things shook out.”


It’s worth noting that Tisdale’s wagers were legal in the state of Virginia. He was 21 years old at the time and has since turned 22.

Tisdale was able to make his season debut against Miami on Oct. 15. In three games since his return to the field, Tisdale has racked up 28 tackles, one sack and one tackle for loss.