Infamous Eagles Fan & YouTuber ‘EDP445’ Caught Again Trying To Get With Underage Girl

Bryant Moreland was all the internet rage five years ago when the foul-mouthed, tell-it-like-it-is Eagles fan posted YouTube videos under the username ‘ESP445’ (standing for something too vulgar to say on here), ripping his beloved Philly team garnering hundreds of millions of views and over 2 million subscribers.

That all came crashing down when member of the Predator Poachers group logged multiple conversations with the YouTuber pretending to be a 13-year old girl and went public with it in a now infamous YouTube video of their own.

Well, it looks like Moreland is back at it again, getting exposed for texting another underage girl in attempt to groom her.

The 31-year-old was detained by police and eventually arrested in June of 2020 for suspicion of child grooming and pedophilia but it is unclear if he ever served jail time.