Fan Thinks Tua Tagovailoa Suffered Concussion Late In 1st Half On This Play… And It Sure Looks Plausible

Tua Tagovailoa had one of the whackiest games you’ll see Sunday vs the Packers on Christmas, lighting up the Packers defense in the first half with pin point accuracy and depth, only to inexplicably collapse in the second half, tossing three interceptions in the 4th quarter alone that left fans scratching their heads wondering who the ball was even intended for.

One fan thinks he may have discovered a reason for that.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Tua’s legs were wrapped up late on a play after a throw, causing his body to twist and fall to the field where the back of his head met the ground with force.

Now, we’re not medical experts in the slightest regard, but the last time Tua had his head hit the turf this hard in this same manner, he was left postured and unconscious.


Tua suffered two apparent concussions earlier this season, leaving some to call for him to retire.

He returned after three weeks of time off.