Bengals Fans Have Made Their Way From The Stadium To The Hospital To Show Support For Damar Hamlin

Nothing brings random strangers together like sports, and that was on display Monday night when Damar Hamlin suffered an injury that left him requiring CPR on the field in one of the more heartbreaking, dire scenes an NFL field has ever seen.

After laying motionless receiving on-site treatment for over ten minutes while an ambulance was brought onto the field, Hamlin was loaded onto a stretcher and transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, a Level 1 trauma center about 10 minutes away.

While Bengals fans sat in their seats waiting to see if the game would be postponed, one fan reworked his sign to support Hamlin, but the level of class from fans in orange and black did not stop there.

After the game was called by the NFL and the location of Hamlin made its way around social media, fans from the game made their way over to the hospital and gathered outside in order to show support for the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety, some lighting candles in vigil.