Stefon Diggs Ubered To Hospital To Check On Damar Hamlin, Was Stopped By Cops Who Didn’t Know Who He Was

After Damar Hamlin went down with an injury that left him requiring CPR during Monday Night Football, the league gave players five minutes to warm-up in preparation to continue play after a ambulance containing the Bills safety left the field en route to the hospital.

As players and coaches likely couldn’t fathom flipping the switch back to football with the status of Hamlin’s life up in the air, logic soon prevailed and the players and coaches from both sides came together with the officiating crew and league officials to agree to suspend the game, which in turn was eventually cancelled for the night about an hour later.

Hamlin was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, a Level 1 trauma center, to receive treatment while players removed their uniforms, showered and gathered together to pray and be with loved ones.

Stefon Diggs, star WR of the Bills, had other plans and decided to Uber to the hospital in order to be by Hamlin’s side. Diggs was actually stopped by police who wasn’t familiar with who has was, eventually being allowed in after explanation.