NFL Is Considering Ruling Bills-Bengals Game A ‘No-Contest’ And Using “Random Number Generator” To Determine Seeding

The NFL is in a tough spot after Monday night’s Bills-Bengals game was suspended following the tragic injury to Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

A few days following the game was called, the league is now looking at their options on how to proceed with the game while we still are praying for the health and well-being of Hamlin. According to NFL reporter Benjamin Allbright, the league is considering call the game a no-contest. This would create a set of problems with seedings and division races.

This would force the NFL to have to figure out how to make the AFC seeding as fair as possible. Playoff rankings are based on win-loss records but there are other tiebreakers that set up the order, so they are considering a “random number generator” to determine seedings:

Another option would be to determine the seeding based on win percentage, as opposed to win-loss record. Another twist in all this is the Bengals and Bills both have wins over the Chiefs and the Ravens still have a chance at winning the AFC North. Nonetheless, the NFL has a dilemma on his hands.