A Coin Toss Could Determine Who Gets Home Field In Ravens-Bengals Playoff Game

The NFL announced a variety of resolutions to the seedings that were impacted following the cancellation of the Bills-Bengals Monday Night Football game due to the unfortunate injury to Damar Hamlin.

The big resolution is to who will host the AFC Championship Game, with the league announcing that the game will be played at a neutral side if the Bengals/Bills play the Chiefs.

Another added wrinkle to the seeding is about the AFC North Championship. The Ravens beat the Bengals earlier this year. If the Ravens complete the sweep on Sunday, the Bengals would still win the division, based on win percentage.

But the NFL announced that if the Ravens beat the Bengals on Sunday in Week 18, there will be a coin toss to determine which of the two AFC North rivals will host the playoff game:


The Ravens will likely be without Lamar Jackson in Week 18 but is expected to be ready for the playoffs. Obviously, if the Bengals take care of business at home, they would host the potential Wild Card Game.