REPORT: NFL Considering Adding Eighth Playoff Team And Neutral Site For AFC Title Game Following Bills-Bengals Cancellation

The NFL continues to discuss their options following the cancellation of the Buffalo Bills-Cincinnati Bengals game because of the tragic injury to Damar Hamlin.

What we do know is the Bills-Bengals game will likely not be played because the players don’t want to do it and there’s no logical way the league can fit the game in their schedule.

What’s the solution?

Well according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the NFL is considering adding an eighth playoff team in both the AFC and NFC so that would eliminate the the first-round bye and as for the AFC Championship Game? Well that game will be played at a neutral site.


According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, one of the locations that has been floated if the AFC Championship Game is in-fact played at a neutral site is Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis:

Whatever the league intends to do is going to be unfair for at least one or two teams but this is truly an unprecedented situation for the league.