Joe Namath Willing To Unretire No. 12 If Aaron Rodgers Joins New York Jets

Joe Namath wants Aaron Rodgers to join the New York Jets so badly, he’s willing to go above and beyond to make it happen.

Rodgers is currently still trying to decide if he wants to return for his 19th season or retire. There’s also the option that Rodgers could opt to change teams. It’s all on the table.

Jets legend Joe Namath had his No. 12 retired in 1985, but during a recent appearance on “Tiki & Tierney,” he said he would allow Rodgers to wear his number if he brought his talents to Gang Green:

The Jets hired Aaron Rodgers’ former offensive coordinator, Nathianal Hackett yesterday in yet another sign that they could be gearing to make a run at the former NFL MVP.