Bengals’ Jermaine Pratt Seen Yelling About Joseph Ossai’s Penalty After The Game: “Why The F–k Would You Touch The QB?”

This was an absolutely brutal way for the Cincinnati Bengals to lose the game today.

The Bengals hung with the Chiefs all night long at Arrowhead Stadium and with 0:15 seconds remaining, it looked like the game was headed to overtime for the second straight year.

Until Bengals defensive end Joseph Ossai committed one of the worst penalties you’ll ever see:

Ossai took the penalty hard but he wasn’t the only one. Bengals LB Jermaine Pratt was seen calling out Ossai during an emotional outburst on his way to the locker room:


In the video, you can hear Pratt yell, “this that motherf-cker’s last year,” as if to suggest that he’d like to see his teammate cut .

He then asks, “why would he even touch the quarterback?”

A tough way to go out for the Cincinnati Bengals.