Micah Parsons Makes Shocking Admission In Wake Of Failed Blazers-Warriors Trade

During the NBA trade deadline, the Golden State Warriors acquired Gary Payton II in what is suppose to be a reunion for GP2 back to the Bay Area. The Warriors agreed to acquire Payton in a four-team deal that includes the Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks and Portland Trail Blazers. However, the deal is in jeopardy because Payton’s physical flagged a core muscle injury that isn’t healed.

“Payton, according to sources, had been playing through pain in Portland,” the report said. “Sources added that the Blazers training staff had been pushing him to gut through it, giving him Toradol shots. This had not been relayed to the Warriors during the negotiation process.”

In response to these reports, Dallas Cowboys star pass rusher Micah Parsons took to Twitter and revealed that NFL go through the same thing:

The Warriors traded James Wiseman in the deal and the hope was they would acquire a player who could help them win now. Unfortunately the core injury is enough to knock Payton out for another two or three months.