Dallas TV News Reporter Roasts The Cowboys While Discussing XFL Team

The NFL season might be over but ‘roasting the Dallas Cowboys’ season is far from over.

On Saturday, the Arlington Renegades defeated the Vegas Vipers, 22-20, in the first game of the 2023 XFL season. The Renegades, play in the same city where the Cowboys’ home venue, AT&T Stadium is.

And so, when William Joy of WFAA in Dallas had the chance to roast the Cowboys, he didn’t hold back. While talking about the Renegades game, Joy stated, “I think people are just excited to have a team in Arlington that actually plays football games in Arlington.”

The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2022 season with a 12-5 record. They sent Tom Brady into retirement with a 31-14 road win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Wild Card Weekend but unfortunately saw their season end in a 19-12 loss to the San Francisco 49ers a week alter in the Divisional Round.

The Cowboys have failed to clinch a spot in the NFC Championship Game in 27 straight seasons.