AJ Brown Says If Eagles Don’t Re-Sign Jalen Hurts They Should “Send Me Wherever He Goes”

A.J. Brown sent a very clear message to Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brown was a guest on the Raw Room podcast and said that if the Eagles don’t give Jalen Hurts a lucrative contract extension, he’d demand general manager Howie Roseman to trade him to wherever Hurts ends up.

“You do not pay this man, just ship me off wherever he’s going to go,” Brown said. “You talk about pressure, Howie, get it done.”

It’s pretty obvious that the Eagles will give Hurts a contract extension as he proved this past season that he is a franchise quarterback. The 24-year-old is coming off a season where he threw for 3701 passing yards and 22 passing touchdowns while also rushing for an additional 760 yards and 13 rushing touchdowns.