NFLPA Releases First Ever ‘Report Cards’ For All 32 NFL Teams After Surveying Every Player In League

Over the course of the last two years, the NFLPA has sat down and drawn up ways to improve available information for free agents who are making decisions about where they’d like to play next, and this is what they’ve come up with.

After surveying over 1,300 players with questions regarding eight main categories including Treatment of families, Good serve/nutrition, Weight room, Strength coaches, Training room, Training staff, Locker room and Team travel, report cards for every team was complied based on the info of how those players viewed their respective club.

The team that scored the highest? The Minnesota Vikings, scoring an A in every category. The Miami Dolphins followed the Vikings at 2, and the Raiders placed third. The team that came in last? The Commanders, not surprisingly, with a failing grade in nearly every category.

You can view the full interactive report card HERE.