NFL Teams Concerned With Top QB Prospect Will Levis’ ‘Deathly Fear Of Milk That Impedes Daily Tasks’

Many of us have irrational fears or phobias, but Will Levis’ may cost end up costing him millions.

The Kentucky QB has emerged as one of the top QB prospects for this upcoming NFL Draft, but teams are reportedly concerned about a particular distaste for milk that he has – but not any distaste.

Levis apparently has a deathly fear of the liquid, so much so that it impedes daily tasks and causes him to scream when seeing it.

Teams are genuinely concerned with how he’ll fit into an NFL program considering the circumstances.


As crazy as it seems, Levis’ milk phobia may not be the strangest thing about him. The QB has gone on record saying that he puts mayo in his coffee from time to time and eats bananas without peeling them. Absolute menace to society this man is.