REPORT: NFL Investigating ‘2nd Wave’ Of Possible Gambling Violations

The National Football League is investigating a potential ‘second wave’ of violations of its gambling policy, according to a report from ESPN’s David Purdum.

The report comes after the NFL laid down multiple suspensions in April due to gambling-related violations.

With sports gambling becoming in states across the country, Purdum explains how the NFL has developed a better way to identify individuals that are breaking their rules:

“The April suspensions brought into focus the different ways the NFL is catching those who violate the gambling policy, including third parties in partnership with the league using geolocation to identify bets being placed from prohibited jurisdictions, such as team facilities.

“Additionally, companies, including NFL partner U.S. Integrity, are developing platforms aimed at tracking bets placed by prohibited individuals such as players and coaches. Leagues or teams would provide a list of prohibited bettors to the platforms, which would then be shared with sportsbooks. If a prohibited bettor attempts to wager, the technology flags it.”

In addition to the number of suspensions the NFL handed down this past April, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended for the entire 2022 season after he was found to have been betting on NFL games while on a mental health break from football. He was full reinstated in March.


The league’s gambling policy prohibits players and team personnel from wagering on NFL games. It originally banned them from betting on any professional sport as well, though the policy was amended to allow the practice as long as it happened away from an official team or league facility.

Purdum noted how violations remain “difficult to detect” even with recent advancements. Players, staffers and executives could theoretically place their bets through a third party or use an offshore betting service that isn’t compelled to flag potential infractions for the NFL.

David Highhill, the NFL’s vice president and general manager of sports betting, told Purdum the necessary parties receive annual training about the gambling policy. He added the league is “very explicit in the training to explain that if you are involved with the NFL, you can never bet on the NFL.”