Brittany Mahomes Ripped For Selling Her “Wrinkled” Used Clothes Online For Profits, Despite Being Wealthy

Brittany Mahomes just can’t win with some people.

Mahomes’ latest post on Instagram has caused a stir on the internet after the wife of Super Bowl winning Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes put out a link to her Postmark account. FYI: Postmark is a site where customers can buy various new or used goods.

Brittany is apparently selling her used clothes online.

This caused a huge stir on reddit as r/brittanymatthewssnark ripped into her for being a liar as well as being rich and still selling used clothes for more money.


Fans in the comment section, who aren’t fond of Mrs Mahomes went off in the comment section:

Brittany Mahomes might never be able to win over fans but as long as Patrick is by her side, she should be alright.