Chris Simms Ripped For Terrible Comments About Dolphins Fan Who Died

NFL analyst Chris Simms is getting blasted on Twitter by Dolphins fans (and others) and rightfully so.

Earlier this week, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa donated $10,000 to the family of a late Dolphins fan named Eric Carmona. He is known for being the creator of the “We Are TuAnon” Twitter account that supported the Dolphins signal-caller.

When discussing Carmona’s death on NBC’s Pro Football Talk Live,” Simms couldn’t help but bring up his personal issues with the “TuAnon” fanbase.

“Obviously, it’s a horrible thing,” Simms said. “He was obviously a huge Tua fan. He was also a huge guy that trolled me on Twitter.” 


Simms’ co-host, Mike Florio, did his best to stop Simms from digging himself down a deeper hole. However, that didn’t help as Simms went on to let his personal bias get in the way what should’ve been a delicate conversation. 

“This is a deep subject and I think it’s societal and I won’t go into it because I’ll only get myself in trouble,” Simms added. “We’re setting an example of, ‘Hey, here’s money to a guy who was very negative too.’ That’s all I’m saying.” 

Here’s the full clip:

Not a good look for Simms, who I’m sure will be forced to apology at some point but the damage has been done. At least amongst Dolphins fans.