Kansas City Chiefs Unveil Their Super Bowl LVII Championship Rings

The Kansas City Chiefs gathered to celebrate their Super Bowl LVII win over the Philadelphia Eagles one last time as the players received their championship rings Thursday night at a private ceremony in Kansas City’s Union Station.

According to Josten’s, the company that made the Chiefs’ Super Bowl rings, each one contains 613 diamonds — 609 round diamonds and four marquise diamonds — and 35 rubies totaling 16.1 carats.

The Chiefs welcomed back a number of players and coaches now with other teams for the ceremony including former offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who left the organization to take the same position with the Washington Commanders.

The Chiefs are able to celebrate this Super Bowl victory differently than the last one. The Super Bowl LIV win happened in the days before the COVID-19 pandemic, so there was no White House visit.They had a ring ceremony that year, but it was a socially distanced affair on the playing field at Arrowhead Stadium.


The Chiefs will open their Super Bowl title defense on Sept 7th at home against the Detroit Lions.