Brandon Graham Accuses Patrick Mahomes Of Faking Ankle Injury During Super Bowl LVII: “He Acted Good!”

The Philadelphia Eagles are clearly still sour about losing Super Bowl LVII to the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a recent interview on JAKIB Sports’ Sports Take program with Derrick Gunn and Rob Ellis, Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham chimed in on the big game and said a lot of things. One of the more wild takes from Graham was the fact that he believed Patrick Mahomes faked his ankle injury.

“When the first half came [to an end], we were in there and I was more thinking like, ‘What’s his name (Mahomes) went in there on the sideline and he’s looking like he’s hurt,” he recalled. “We’ve got to get to him, we’ve got to get to him.’ He came out, you can tell how tough he is, man, but that boy acted good. He sure put that face up [like he was hurt].”

Here’s the full interview:

Mahomes helped the Chiefs overcome a 24-14 halftime deficit on the injured ankle, he was an efficient 21-for-27 for 182 yards and three touchdowns while also running the ball six times for 44 yards. The performance earned Mahomes’ his second Super Bowl MVP.


Graham didn’t stop there, he also said the Chiefs offensive line got lucky, blaming the State Farm Stadium’s field condition for the Eagles not recording a single sack int eh game

“You need that traction to be able to get off the block and we were slipping a lot,” Graham told Derrick Gunn and Rob Ellis on Sports Take. “I don’t make excuses. I just know that that’s what was being talked about, us trying to get out of our own head a little bit, too. 

“I’m telling you that O-line, they got blessed, I’ll say that.”

The Chiefs and Eagles will meet in 2023 in Week 11 on Monday Night Football. Even with Graham’s acknowledgement that the Chiefs also had to deal with the same field conditions, you can bet his overall comments on the matter will be treated as bulletin-board material by the defending Super Bowl Champions