New York Giants Make Massive Change To MetLife Stadium For 2023 Season

MetLife Stadium is known for being one of the worst stadiums in the NFL according to players and fans for different reasons.

Fans hate MetLife Stadium for its generic appearance and lack of any appreciation given the fact that it’s one of the more newer stadiums. Players hate it because of the turf absolutely sucks and has injured many players.

Well on Thursday, the Giants shared images of their new artificial grass that, replacing the old turf that allegedly led to many injuries. In addition, the Giants tried to add some excitement to the stadium by debuting a new “NY” logo at the 50-yard line, replacing the NFL logo that was there previously:

The New York Jets will also probably be adding their logo to the 50-yard line for their home games.


MetLife Stadium should be very excited for 2023 as the Giants are coming off a playoff season led by Brian Daboll and the New York Jets have added Aaron Rodgers and have aspirations of going to the Super Bowl and ending their playoff drought.