Ex-NFL Player Sergio Brown Posts Bizarre Video While In Mexico In Wake Of His Mother’s Murder

This story just keeps getting crazier.

Former NFL defensive back Sergio Brown went missing after his mother was found dead in a creek near her Illinois home. Days later, he has now surfaced in Mexico in a bizarre rant-filled video posted to Instagram.

In the video, the former player addressed the news that his mother, Myrtle Brown, 73, was found dead near a creek behind her home. Brown claims he thought his mother was on vacation and that he had been kidnapped by the FBI and the Maywood Police Dept.

He also makes several claims of “fake news” before going off on an rambling rant, during which he accuses the Maywood Police Department and the FBI of kidnapping him twice from his home.


Here’s the video:

“They kidnapped me twice from home. The Maywood Police Department,” he said before his words became incoherent and not understandable.

The video was allegedly taken and tagged with a location of Mexico City before being deleted and reposted without the location, Deadspin reported. His whereabouts remain unclear. 

Sergio Brown, who started his NFL career with the New England Patriots, also spent time with the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills.