Houston Cougars Offensive Lineman Vomits Up A Storm But Still Continues To Play

We’ve all seen players vomit on the field but I don’t think anyone has seen someone vomit this much and then proceed to act like nothing happened.

During Saturdays’ Houston Cougars vs Sam Houston State Bearcats, Cougars offensive tackle Reuben Unije just unloaded a waterfall of vomit onto the field while walking up to the line of scrimmage before a play.

After he was done, Unije just proceeded to pretend like nothing happened, took a deep breath, got in his stance and continued to play.

Here was the clip:


The Cougars took care of business on Saturday, handling the Bear Cats, 38-7. The Cougars (2-2) will travel to Texas Tech to take on the Red Raiders next week.