Packers Were Forced To Put Out Statement After Lions Fans Tookover Lambeau Field During TNF Game

Detroit Lions fans overtook Lambeau Field on Thursday Night, as they tuned in to watch their team beat the Packers, 34-20.

The Lions’ takeover was so bad that the Packers organization felt they had to issue a statement regarding how many Lions fans there were in Lambeau Field.

“The Packers have encouraged our ticket holders to sell to other Packers fans when possible,” the statement, shared by Malzhan, reads. “The secondary market, however, allows fans from anywhere to purchase tickets and Lambeau Field remains a popular destination for all fans, including those from other teams. We have seen this particularly with divisional games.”

The Lions have seven more away games this year, with their next travel game coming in Week 6 (Oct. 15) in Tampa Bay.