Mic’d Up Eagles Players Go Viral For Hilarious Reactions During Phillies Playoff Game

D’Andre Swift and Terrell Edmunds need their new alternate cast for the rest of the Phillies postseason run after this.

The Philadelphia Eagles players recently attended Game 2 of the NLCS between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park and they were mic’d up throughout the game.

Both players admitted that they weren’t big baseball fans but just to see them expand their knowledge throughout the game is pretty hilarious.

From talking about how long the baseball season is, to calling Kyle Schwarber’s homerun, to talking about how they call the referee “umpire” and even bringing up the bat boy, the whole mic’d up session was amazing:


The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-1 after they suffered their first loss last week. Th Phillies are now up 2-1 after the Diamondbacks won Game 3 on Thursday.