Aaron Rodgers Floats Pat Tillman Conspiracy Theory During Interview With Tucker Carlson

Aaron Rodgers has never been shy to share his thoughts on anything, no matter how controversial it is.

While appearing on the Tucker Carlson Show, the New York Jets quarterback floated a conspiracy theory about Pat Tillman’s death in Afghanistan.

Tillman, who famously left the NFL to join the military, was killed by friendly fire. Rodgers spoke about his death, saying that he believes the U.S. government confiscated Tillman’s journal and used his death to “prop up the war propaganda” in 2004.

“When he got there, he started to question the real motives behind the US military’s presence in Afghanistan and was troubled by the operations he was part of.”


Here’s the clip:

Tillman died at 27 years old on April 22, 2004. He enlisted in the U.S. Military following the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The former NFL defensive back played in the league from 1998-2001. He starred collegiately at Arizona State.