Bills Players Shove An Eagles Fan During Heated Physical Altercation During Game

The Buffalo Bills suffered another heartbreaking loss on Sunday, this time to the Philadelphia Eagles, 37-34 in overtime. The Bills blew two separate leads in the fourth quarter and dropped to 6-6 as their playoff hopes continue to sink away.

What made it all worse was that they had to listen to those crazy Eagles fans yell at them for three straight hours. For a couple of Buffalo Bills players, it pushed them over the the edge and they approached some fans during the game and got into a physical altercation with them.

In the clip you can hear shouting and see middle fingers as a small group of Bills players including Shaq Lawson (who shoved the fan), Jordan Phillips, Ed Oliver and Greg Rousseau approach the stands while the game is still ongoing. Lawson gets right in the face of one fan who holds both hands up over his head. Then the fan moved like he was shoved by Lawson.

This will obviously be reviewed by the National Football League and you can expect there to be some fines handed down.