Von Miller’s Girlfriend Now Claims No Assault Occurred Despite Troubling 911 Call Audio That Was Released

There’s a new twist to the Von Miller domestic violence arrest.

Miller’s pregnant girlfriend is now claiming that he did not assault her despite claiming on a 91 call tat he had been choking her and police reporting that her neck was bruised.

In the 911 call, obtained by WFAA News, the woman tells the 911 dispatcher that Miller was “choking me, hitting me, pulling my hair, I have bruises all over me.”

When the 911 dispatcher asked if she needed medical attention, Miller’s GF replied, “He pulled my hair out. I have like, some blood one me, but not, like year, I don’t know.


A warrant was issued for Miller’s arrest on count of third-degree felony charge of assaulting a pregnant woman.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Miller’s girlfriend had “minor abrasions on her left hand and bruising on her neck. The bruises on her neck were reported to be “consistent with applied pressure to the neck.”

According to TMZ Sports:

In court documents, authorities say when officers arrived on the scene shortly after the call had been placed, the woman told them the confrontation had started after she and Miller got into an argument over weekend travel plans.

According to the docs, Miller became “visibly angry” with her … and pushed and shoved her, before he put his hands on her neck. Authorities said the woman alleged that during the assault she told the football player, “Stop I’m pregnant.”

Miller left the scene before cops arrived — though a felony warrant for his arrest was later issued due to the allegations. On Thursday afternoon, he turned himself in to police and took a mug shot — before he bonded out of jail.

Now, Von Miller’s girlfriend claims nothing happened.

“We’re fine,” she wrote in a text to WFAA News. “Things were blown way out of context. This is actually outrageous!”

She added that it was just a “huge misunderstanding” and “No one assaulted anyone. This is insane. And sad.”