BREAKING: Accuser Drops Civil Lawsuit Against Ex-Bills Punter Matt Araiza


The woman who once alleged she was sexually assaulted, including a violate gang rape, by former NFL punter Matt Araiza has dropped her lawsuit against him.

Authorities in San Diego, where the alleged incident occurred in 2021, previously declined to prosecute Araiza and even determined that Araiza wasn’t in attendance at the party when the alleged rape happened.

Matt Araiza’s lawyer released this statement following the decision:


“The win is bittersweet. Matt has been forced to defend himself for the last sixteen months against false accusations and a campaign to ruin his career in the NFL. He will never get this time in his life back.”

The Buffalo Bills selected Araiza in the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft and cut him in August of that year after the civil lawsuit was filed.

Araiza is making no monetary payments to the woman or admitting any form of guilt. In exchange of her dropping her civil suit, Araiza is agreeing to drop his own defamation suit against the woman, according to Yahoo Sports. Araiza is maintaining his right to sue the woman’s attorney, Dan Gilleon.

It’s time to Get Matt Araiza back into the NFL.