Super Bowl LVIII Referee Bill Vinovich Has A Day Job When Not Officiating NFL Games

This year’s Super Bowl will be officiated by Bill Vinovich, a seasoned veteran who’s been officiating in the NFL since 2001.

But that’s not all that he’s known for.

According to an ESPN feature from 2015, Vinovich is a certified public accountant (CPA) when he’s not refereeing NFL games.

Aside from Bill Vinovich, Sunday’s other officials are umpire Terry Killens, down judge Patrick Holt, line judge Mark Perlman, field judge Tom Hill, side judge Allen Baynes, back judge Brad Freeman and replay official Mike Chase.


Killens is most notable since he is best remembered as the one who made one tackle on special teams for Tennessee in Super Bowl 34. He is the first person to play in one Super Bowl and officiate in another.