Jason Kelce And Lane Johnson Show Up To Wrestlemania 40 With Luchador Masks On

With WrestleMania XL being in Philadelphia, you just knew the WWE would find a to incorporate the Philadelphia Eagles into the festivities.

During a tag team match between the team of Rey Mysterio and Andrade versus “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar, Dominik went to grab a chair to beat his father, Rey, with it.

But when Dominik grabbed the chair, he was stopped by two mammoths wearing luchador masks, who grabbed the chair and slammed him into a post before shoving him back into the ring.

Andrade and Mysterio took advantage of the situation and won the match.


After winning, the two luchadors entered the ring and pulled off their masks, revealing themselves as Eagles legends and Super Bowl champions Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson. 

Jason Kelce was wearing a luchador mask while celebrating his brother, Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl win last February.

A great WrestleMania moment.