LaDainian Tomlinson Accuses Ex-Chargers OC Cam Cameron Of Intentionally Losing Game

LaDainian Tomlinson made headlines this week after he accused a former coach of intentionally losing games.

Appearing on “The Pivot” with Ryan Clark and the crew, the legendary running back accusing former Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron of purposefully calling questionable plays against the Patriots in the 2006-07 playoffs.

Cam Cameron… what job did he get right after we lost? [The Dolphins]. So in my mind ‘did we just throw the game for a head coaching job?’ You play football a certain way if you’re up by 11 or if you’re up in the second half … How do I not get the ball? We’ve all had a chance to think about this stuff, process it… and when somebody gets a job right after we lose — ‘Guys I appreciate everything, you guys played hard for me. I’m gonna take this Miami job.’ What… hmm.

Here’s the clip:

The Chargers finished 14-2 that year under the late Marty Schottenheimer and appeared destined to reach the Super Bowl out of the AFC.


Tomlinson posted one of the best seasons we’ve ever seen from a running back, rushing for 1,815 yards and an NFL record 28 touchdowns. But curiously only touched the ball twice over the last eight minutes of the game.

The five-time Pro Bowler finished with 123 yards and two scores in what was likely the best chance he ever had at making a Super Bowl (along with the following year).

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