Colorado’s Shilo Sanders Files For Bankruptcy Following Lawsuit For Alleged Assault

Colorado safety and son of head coach Deion Sanders, safety Shilo Sanders, has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of losing $11.89 million over an assault lawsuit, according to A.J. Perez of Westword.

The decisions to file for bankruptcy is also raising questions about Sanders’ NIL earnings.

via Yahoo Sports:

A state court reportedly found in 2022 that Sanders had committed assault and battery against John Darjean, a security guard at Triple A Academy, the high school branch of the since-shuttered Focus Academies charter school. The incident in question reportedly occurred in 2015, when Shilo was a high schooler and Deion was the school’s CEO.


Court documents reportedly allege that Darjean escorted Shilo to in-school suspension for violating the school’s no-phone policy, at which point Shilo called his mother, Pilar Sanders. One of Deion’s assistant coaches then arrived at Darjean’s office and gave him a phone with Deion on the call. When Deion was told Shilo was talking to Pilar, who divorced Deion in 2013, the coach told the guard to confiscate the phone.

At that point, Shilo allegedly slammed his elbow into Darjean’s chest and continued to hit him after he fell. Darjean was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and later claimed he had “sustained severe and permanent injuries including a broken neck, damage to his cervical spine, permanent neurological injuries and irreversible incontinence.”

Shilo reportedly admitted to an altercation in bankruptcy court, but denied parts of Darjean’s claims, including Deion’s instruction to take the phone. He also claimed he was acting in self-defense, with Darjean instigating the incident.

Shilo reportedly filed for bankruptcy last October with the money still not paid, and his ability to do so is now a topic of contention.