Davante Adams Calls Out Chargers Social Media Team Over ‘Garbage’ Post: “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth”

Davanate Adams got some added motivation when his Las Vegas Raiders take on the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1 of the 2024 NFL Season, but it’s not because of any Chargers player or coach.

Rather.. it’s social media team.

Appearing as a guest on Kay Adams’ show Up & Adams, the Raiders superstar receiver expressed his displeasure with the Chargers social media team’s depiction of himself in a schedule release video posted on their account back in May.

The post featured a picture of Adams next to a box of “Garbage” Pop Tarts, something the Raiders receiver didn’t take kindly to. 


“I thought about responding on social media to it, being funny there, but I figured it would be better to just beat their head in real life,” Adams said. “I just wanted to kind of remind them what they’ve been going through as it pertains to playing against me.”

Adams has had his way with the Chargers, racking up 494 receiving yards and four touchdowns in the last four games he’s played against them. But the Raiders wideout made it clear that he doesn’t have any problems with any of the players, just the social media team.

“Hopefully, the people that made that post — because it’s not the players’ fault,” Adams said. “They didn’t have anything to do with the post. This is directed strictly toward the Chargers’ social media page: Please keep my name out your mouth and show some respect.”

Adams’ Raiders got the last laugh in the most recent contest against Los Angeles, winning 63-21 while setting a franchise scoring record in the process.